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                                                               CHOOQ Cloud offers everything you need to

                                             manage your venue efficiently. Equipped with Business Intelli-

                  gence-assisted software, we handle all aspects of your operations, from accounting and

     cost calculations to tables and inventory management. With features like waitlist and reservation

     scheduling, operational analytics, and customer satisfaction tracking, you

     can excel in providing an exceptional experience at your venue.

     Your All-in-One Venue Management

                           Streamlined Inventory Management
                               Intelligent handling of ingredient expiration and minimum supply requirements
                               Inventory management based on count or weight (custom units)
                               Menu group and recipe management tied to inventory

                               Real-time updates of remaining inventory based on order recipes
                               Comprehensive accounting and reports on all inventory interactions and purchases

         Effortless Menu & Products Management
             Unlimited product and category options
             Easily update names, prices, and product availability
             Adjust recipe portions and activate seasonal products based on date or inventory
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