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Loyalty Club & Perks
              Add new customers or customer categories
              Implement discount or offer plans based on purchase history

              Create personalized, time-limited offers for specific customers or categories
              Utilize marketing tools for sending customized offers via text & email
              AI-assisted smart offers based on customer behavior and preferences

                                  User-Friendly Bookkeeping & Order Interface
                                        Satisfying user experience with a fast order UI, search, and popular sorting

                                        Order by product ID for quick and precise transactions
                                        Fully compatible with touch screens for seamless operation
                                        Print compatible bills and support for multiple printers with different information

                                        App-based ordering and customers' point-based payments
                                        POS drivers and optimization for smooth performance
                                        Support for outdoor and table orders with volume-based offers
                                        Branded and white-labeled bill options to elevate your brand image

    Efficient Remote Cloud-Based Management
       Access online analytics, sales, and operations reports

       Get detailed date range reports on sales and operations
       Manage inventory and place remote supply orders
       Utilize customer analysis for targeted marketing

       Efficiently handle venue events communication

    Comprehensive Accounting & Reports
       Project future cash flow with accuracy                         Stay on top of accounts payables and receivables
       Efficiently manage inventory costs and orders                  Effortless bookkeeping with POS integration
       Monitor maintenance expenses and live cash     $$$             Auto-categorization of your transactions for
       balance                                                        streamlined accounting
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